Jahan Loh 
Mixed Medium on Canvas
93 x 112 cm

USD 7,700.00

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A specific toy or item from childhood, each iconic image carries with it shifting meanings and as the artist notes: “A lot of attachment to these toys, different parts in life, different experiences.” The nostalgia connected with his collecting can later be found surrounding Loh’s series of paintings of objects from youth and innocence, such as his alternative hello kitty paintings from his Cherry Poke series or other kawaii-type renderings of children, drawn from a multinational Chinese consumer electronics brand logo mascot. For each of these works, the subjects are haunted by a notion of a balance of innocence and knowledge, power and naiveté — a childhood that is layered with an adult vantage point and concerns.
His work references popular imagery such as superheroes, and imaginary dreamscapes.

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USD 7,700.00

USD 7,700.00

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