Tong Zhengang 
幸福Happiness No.11
Oil on Canvas
200 x 70 cm

USD 22,100.00

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Although Tong considers art as a direct media for expression, he believes that the ultimate question of art is on "human" itself, the passion, thought of human being. We can feel Tong's sincere affection to the female in his art works. He states clearly that, "My mother is the one who I love the most in my life. My sisters who I love are female, my best lover is a female, too. I love the female for their innocence, fineness and softness, they may be ordinary yet are full of passion, they are full of hopes even corrupted. The female world represented through an art device looks like a vehicle which has summarized everything, it demonstrates the special quality of the female!"
He previously worked as an oilfield worker, instrument worker, and even a calligraphy teacher in Beijing Language University.

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