The sculptures of Magdalena focus on the human form. Moving beyond the contemplation of the form as an aesthetic experience, there is a deeper sense of expression that speaks to the innermost depths of our beings. She touches upon universal themes, with the important ideas being the plot and reason behind human dilemma. With indisputable technical talent displayed in works of bronze and iron, she emphasises the necessity of a stable center of being and inner balance. The desire to stop the world in order to find the true nature of oneself and, once having discovered this, to explore the future with bravery and caution. 

Figures of strength and will that are able to stop time are alternated with others that wander around in quotidian labyrinths of existence - at times reaching the end and emerging victorious, whilst others face a life of deceit and traps. The human being here is represented by the female figure who leaps forward in faith - mirroring our desires as we are caught between the notion of security and resources and taking greater risks. Magdalena's sculptures are expressive and symbolic, representing the search for identity by humans. There is a romanticism in the courage to make such a decision in unconditional faith. 

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