Gillie and Marc Schattner 
They loved their coffee as much as they loved each other, 2017
Enamel on card
80 x 60 cm


Gillie and Marc’s works are widely known to share their love story and experience of making art together as one. This work strongly reminiscent of their amorous concepts, showing an intimate moment as they enjoy their cup of coffee. Behind the outlines of the figures, bright expressive red tones are swivelled in large slabs to further elucidate their romance. One can identify with different fervour from the colours used, with the reds showing love and passion, while the use of yellow exhibits energy and joy. Through this artwork, they express their level of affection as it complements their candid love for coffee.
Marc sits on the right and Gillie sits on the left - they paint together and meet in the middle.

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