Jiao Xin Tao 
Chewing Gum, 2007
Edition 2 of 5
Fiberglass Painted
130 x 3.5 x 34 cm


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Jiao Xin Tao's works are famous for revolving around the theme of consumerism, featuring neglected objects such as discarded packaging and other castaway objects. Jiao's art represents his attempts in objectively recontextualizing the meaning of these objects again. Through depicting these trivial and cast-away items, he attempts to redefine them with dignity and value. This is meant to reflect the human search for new possibilities when facing modern life. When we bid farewell to a bygone era and are no longer defined by its meaning and values, the natural behaviour is to turn attention to new cultural questions in order to face contemporary life.
He personifies the objects we encounter in our lives, capturing their sadness and loneliness when we throw them away.

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