Tong Zhengang 
Paradise 鸟语花香, 2009
Ink on Paper
70 x 137 cm

USD 13,550.00

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Tong Zhengang follows the aesthetic rules of traditional painting, but at the same time his analysis and representations are based on his personal understanding. His brushwork manifests his experience and instinct, which is a reflection of the painting language and psychological state of the human being. Tong is not interested in the conventional artistic style; he rather selects the artistic devices from his own judgment and need. He does not handle concept and skill in a rational manner, but his sensation is dominant in his paintings due to the fact that rationality can lead to rigidity, but sensation can bring spontaneity, freedom and ingeniousness.
He previously worked as an oilfield worker, instrument worker, and even a calligraphy teacher in Beijing Language University.

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