S.Dwi Stya Acong 
Hidden Horizon
Oil on Canvas
120 x 150 cm


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In this painting titled "Hidden Horizon" by Indonesian artist S. dwi Stya Acong, the unknown figure repetitively haunting the artist's anxious surrealistic landscapes is standing up on a bark in an agitated sea. He seems to be staring the surrealistic, otherworldly prismatic shapes levitating, breaking the reality of the landscape and bringing abstract to the physical elements of the composition. From the position of the man, at a stand still in an agitated sea, the evidence that two different worlds are confronted transcends the painting: elements are detached from one another. The colors suggest dreams and contemplation: a range of blue evolves from the sky to the sea. The prismatic shapes, crystallizing in the middle of the painting, bring light to the sky, suggesting the plausibility of being an aster from another realm, neither sun nor moon.
In his surrealistic paintings, he explores the tension between reality and dreams.

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