Lee Jung Woong 
84 x 84 cm


Escalating the figurative into almost photo-realistic representation, Lee Jung Woong astounds in his ability to capture detail and speak through his silent strokes. Employing a distinctly Oriental manner of foreground and space, the artist transforms his canvas of Korean paper into a linear element of the art itself, effacing its role as medium and re evoking it as a balanced component of the image as a whole. In this image, the artist captures ink, brush and paper as subjects, not composing elements, effectively contrasting traditional representation and blurring the lines of canonical concealment of process. The thick stroke that frames the subjects is the silent acknowledgment from the artist of his unconventional subject- showcasing the brush- the humble tool- as the unabashed protagonist of his work.
He specializes in painting realistic brushes with oil paint on traditional Korean paper or hanji.

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