Tong Zhengang 
幸福Happiness#80, 2006
Oil on Canvas
160 x 80 cm

USD 14,550.00

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Tong Zhengang produces artworks centered on the theme of women, painting only portraits of women and those related to her. Tong expresses his feelings and understanding on the value and meaning of everyday life by depicting these women, to establish an interactive relationship between his personal view and the objective view of the female. Female figures in Tong's works are not his invention, but are reflections of the cultural phenomena. It can be said that the face of a female or a male is the most outstanding feature of a human being in showing identity, and is also a feature that reflects the difference between people. Any subtle facial expression - delight, anger, sorrow, happiness are reflections of inner emotions. There can be varying kinds of friendly expressions, and there are also expressions of disguise, concealment, calculation, cunningness, and hypocrisy. Tong's works are a criticism to the change of the inner mind of people. His paintings show not only the difference in identity, but also criticize how people are differentiated by society.
He previously worked as an oilfield worker, instrument worker, and even a calligraphy teacher in Beijing Language University.

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