Wang Xing Gang 
Life Goes On, 2008
Edition 75 of 999
15 x 6 x 11 cm

USD 1,400.00

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Wang Xing Gang retains the traditional outlook of peasants and farmers in his sculptures - donning the traditional outfit worn by Chinese men in rural China and even their hairstyle, the shot pony tail. He sculpts his characters' bodies with several dents and random engravings to bring out the essence of having worn-out clothes. This emphasizes on the simple lifestyle led by the peasants, something that the modern day Chinese have chosen to sideline in light of the development in China. These detailed illustrations help his viewers to be able to understand his messages with greater clarity.
He sculpts peasants as a reflection of the speedy progress of China which often forgets these simple individuals.

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USD 1,400.00

USD 1,400.00

USD 1,400.00

USD 1,400.00

USD 1,400.00

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