Choy Moo Kheong
Choy Moo Kheong (b.1950) is a self-taught artist from Singapore who is inspired by the romanticism of nature. At the age of 28, he taught himself how to paint. Combining his innate talent, creativity and determination, he succeeded despite the odds and was strengthened by his earlier struggles abroad. He held on to his dreams, clung to his resolve and was rewarded when his works begun to be accepted and exhibited. 

Since then, his work has been exhibited in France, Switzerland, Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Besides attracting international and local private collectors, his work has also been collected by many private organizations such as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the Canadian High Commissioner, Glaxo Holdings in London, the New York Institute of Finance in Singapore, the Sultan of Brunei, JP Morgan Singapore and the Gulf International Bank.

His works range from photo-realistic drawings of vast skies to surreal pieces that break the conventions of traditional perspective. All his works retain a dream-like quality to them and are devoid of buildings or human forms. He prefers it that way as he is most comfortable amidst nature's embrace. Choy feels that the land, water, trees, skies and rivers all imbue humanity with purpose, meaning and joy; reminding each and every one of us that we are truly alive. He is not merely inspired by land, rather, he paints inwardly; with his own interpretation and perspective of the world. Choy loves quiet, empty spaces that bespeak solitude and peace. He believes that sometimes people hold memories of places they visit, a lot of the emotions they experience are deeply personal and tend to be appreciated in silence. Thus, his paintings represent the "tangible, that speaks of the vastness of silent words." 

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