As the son of an Air Force serviceman stationed in a small Japanese village, Ford's artistic sensibilities began to take root under the nurturing eye of an elderly Japanese painter when he was just twelve. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BFA in painting.

After exploring different painting styles and themes, he found tremendous fulfilment in creating contemporary landscapes conjured from the stunning horizons witnessed during his travels around the world. Emboldened by critics and collector's enthusiasm, he narrowed his focus and pushed the creative boundaries of landscapes to arrive at the distinctive and radiant style for which he is known.

Ford enjoys the freedom and creative abandonment of observing where an impulse might lead. The intensity of working over a single piece to it's completion makes the process very physical. Well-known for his mosaics, splashes and seemingly endless ways of abstracting reflections, he lets layers of paint - acrylics on canvas - drip and flow, just letting things happen. "I was taught in college to let the paint find the imagery," he recalls. Ford then goes in with skilled precision to create the light, details and natural elements that define his fascinating style of painting.

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