SPOTLIGHT ON: Dedy Sufriadi, multifaceted artist

Published 6 Mar 2019 by Marie
One of the most important pieces of advice seasoned art collectors give is: collect as much information as possible on an artist you like, read, ask gallerists and other art experts you may meet; in a nutshell: do your research.
We aim to please, so please enjoy this SPOTLIGHT article, that focuses on one artist, their path and their different series, to better understand them and make an educated choice when it comes to collecting!

Dedy Sufriadi 

Born in Indonesia in 1976, Dedy began to exhibit his work at the tender age of twenty. The recognition was inevitable as his radical and forceful works gained immediate interest, eventually earning him many awards and critical acclaim for his unique expressive style and abstract execution. Refusing to be bound by a particular discipline, he uses a unique hybrid artistic language to freely unleash his creativity. Here are a few examples:

Dedy Sufriadi, Mona Lisa’s Smile, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm

With this visually impactful portrait, the artist defies classical aesthetics and discipline, and brings together a face with his own unique hybrid form of expression. An obvious re-interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, this tribute strays away from delicacy or grace, with unrefined, crude, almost violent strokes. The artwork showcases a style that is almost industrial, with its concrete colours, and the apparent sketching that reveals the inner structure of the piece. In this strong composition of entangled words and symbols, Dedy Sufriadi explores the borders between discipline, words and imagery, classical and contemporary paintings.

Dedy Sufriadi, Halloween Party, Mixed Medium on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

A myriad of strokes and uplifting colors, this painting is reminiscent of wild thoughts from our childhood days. Scribbles and childish figures, monsters and animals, adorn the page, reinforcing this impression. In the “Childish” series, started shortly after the artist became a father, he explores the workings of children's minds and imagination. In his signature style, Dedy puts forth his emotions and feelings, finding refuge in the liberation of child-like thoughts and the boundless imagination it offers potential for.

Dedy Sufriadi, Identification Object Series, Growing #2, Silicone on Canvas, 122 x 18 x 122 cm

A contrast to Dedy's usually convoluted style, this piece reflects tranquility and peace through its calm undisturbed expanse of the color white. The innovation in the “Identification Object” series is the texture work: abstract forms come to life through three-dimensional silicone structures that are reminiscent of organic forms like tentacles, hair or corals. But the title reveals the artist’s neutrality: the identification of these intriguing forms are left to our interpretation...

Dedy Sufriadi, Homage series #10, Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm

With bold strokes and extremely thick layers of bright paint, Dedy pays tribute to a long tradition of artistic experiments with colours, such as Jackson Pollock’s “Drips”, or Niki de Saint-Phalle’s “Tirs” (shooting paintings). Throughout this abstract series, the artist explores the recesses of his mind to put forth an image that is reflective of the heavy emotions that he has put into his artwork. 

Dedy Sufriadi, Childish Series, Flying Object, Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm

Considering the limited black and blue palette, this image places calculations as the primary area of focus. The artist believes that calculations and math are part of a child's advent into imagination. The combination of numbers, words and graphic elements reminds of Leonardo Da Vinci’s numerous inventions and their preparatory drawings, with their backwards handwriting and almost indecipherable scribbles. Through this, Dedy Sufriadi poetically connects boundless childhood dreams to the beginnings of modern technology. 

We hope you enjoyed this journey through the diverse works of Dedy Sufriadi! The variety of his subject matter is a testament to his growth as an artist. Constantly inspired by the events around him and his personal journeys, his works continue to be versatile. His personal insight can be seen in many of his works, adding depth and sincerity to their abstract complexity.
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