Choy Weng Yang 
Vibrant Chinatown
Oil on Canvas
127 x 102 cm

USD 7,200.00

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Choy Weng Yang is a Singaporean artist, curator and arts writer and a proponent of the art fraternity in post-independent Singapore. Born 12 July 1930 in Singapore, Choy graduated with a National Diploma of Art UK from Hornsey College of Art in 1962 and received the Art Teachers' Certificate (UK) from the University of London Institute of Education in 1963. C├ęzanne's use of structure in his composition, and Mondrian's strength in order, clarity and strong composition design thus became an important elements in Choy's paintings from 1985 on. In the 1990s, Choy's works are increasingly influenced by Chinese ink and wash paintings by the great Chinese masters of bygone dynasties.
He is one of the foremost abstract painters in post-Independence Singapore and uses colour as an expression of emotions.

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USD 7,200.00

USD 7,200.00

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