Zhu Hong 
Impression of Hong Kong, 2015
Oil on Canvas
70 x 4.7 x 90 cm

USD 3,900.00

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Zhu Hong’s understanding of, and passion for city life and architecture are expressed through the way he captures the spirit and essence of a building and its immediate surroundings. Adopting askew lines and unique angles, the instinctive and playful distortions of architectural elements in his cityscapes and street scenes exhibit a distinctive and contemporary flavour. The colours employed are usually vibrant and arresting, and they reflect keenly the lively tropical atmosphere of our island. By injecting such an unconventional and localised twist into what is supposedly one of the most traditional and timeless mediums in the Western art world, Zhu Hong paints like no other, and his works inspire us to observe familiar scenes and objects with fresh eyes.
He paints from memory and impressions of a place, creating a distinctive flavour for each place.

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