Zhang Yexing 
Stage #17, 2008
Oil on Canvas
90 x 60 cm

USD 4,050.00

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Zhang Yexing has a very specific attention to the textures base on the way the cope with the environment to best convey the feeling, expression and the concept that he is intending to depict. Therefore, based on his subject matters, he intelligently changes the textures and colors, in a very realistic and sophisticated way, to provide a narrative line that dwells within on moment, one scene or one concept. In his paintings he sometimes choses the most direct use of representational works, using primitive colors, linear compositions and realistic textures. Same with this painting, he amazingly portrays a moment of time that is the being expanded in many parallel linear story lines.
His works are psychological and the political; both intertwine as he attempts to make sense of the mind and the environment.

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