Gao Xiao Wu 
Our Generation - Thank you
Edition 4 of 15
103 x 30 x 33 cm

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Gao's aesthetics fall into the generation of comics and cartoons. He is one of the representative sculptors in the new trend of Animamix Aethetics that the author has been working on. His creations avoid political symbols or totem. Gao and other artists from the 1980s generation have spontaneously returned to the nature of artistic creation, pursuing their own aesthetic display of expressing the interest achieved by content and medium. The international aesthetics they exhibit is different from the generation of Political Pop, which emphasizes Chinese-styles through political motifs. Most artists of the new generation, including Gao Xiaowu, are narcissistic. Influenced by their environment, they change their creations frequently and invent pictorial symbols for themselves and not for the nation or politics. Gao goes beyond his own pictorial symbols from the early Gao-type smile generated by the exaggerated and ordinary people to the most recently released sleeping couple. Aside from creating the essence from the figures, he also records his love story freely by creating sculptures.
He believes that art belongs to everyone.

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