Cai Lei 
Old Man
Edition 3 of 8
Mixed Medium
Diameter:80cm cm

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Through his works, Cai Lei reveals his interest for inciting perspective even more than his interest in physical volume and space. The structure of the sculpture is not attracts most of the audience's attention, but the undulating shape and texture of the surface. Cai Lei uses surface texture as a vivid language, like his creation of an old man's shriveled, wrinkled skins, as well as his passionate feeling towards leather with a strong texture. Cai Lei has expresses sharp commentary in his artworks and in this series, Cai Lei emphasizes on texture and its subtle sculptural attitude. In his creations, he sacrifices volume and space to emphasize surface texture i.e. Cai Lei does not need strong sculptural volume to support his bigger interest in texture. In this sense, Cai Lei's passion for relief is granted, because in relief, the artist's artistic language can be expressed without any boundaries in an almost flat, shallow space.

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