Ren Zhen Yu 
Another Portrait No. 11, 2007
Oil on Canvas
90 x 100 cm

USD 14,100.00

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Ren Zhen Yu's skilful technique involves the use of textures, thick layers of paint trails and splatters, spontaneous patterns and dynamic movement - all of which transform into the depiction of a realistic figure by expanding the space that the form exists in. In Another Portrait No. 11, he expresses movement in a frozen frame - time is suspended and the surface of the canvas becomes a vivid representation of layers of the past accumulated on top of each other. The artist unleashes a flurry of brushstrokes, which allow the figure to dissolve in and out of the space. With the loss of defined characteristics, Ren freely communicates a feeling, expression and thought.
He references political changes in China in the post-Mao era in his work, as well as the need to remember the past.

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