Frank Hyder 
L4- First Spring, 2012
Mixed Medium
122 x 91 cm

USD 6,300.00

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American artist Frank Hyder seeks to explore depictions of nature and the dynamics of light, through the beautiful koi he paints. In this mixed medium piece, numerous koi are shown swimming towards an unknown destination beyond the canvas. Hyder uses a variety of unusual materials to create the work, combining oil paint, acrylic resin and metal leaf, which gives the image a metaphysical quality in which forms seem to appear and dissolve. The dream-like nature of his works create an awe-inspiring experience that seeks to engage the viewer in a unique sensory and visual dialogue. Hyder’s works have been exhibited around the world, and he has had over 80 solo shows throughout North, South and Central America.
Inspired by travels in South America, he wants to demonstrate how and why Earth is threatened by actions of the industrial world.

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