Noh Jun's 
Fiber Resin
31 x 23 x 42 cm

USD 9,200.00

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The characters produced by Noh are imaginary characters, similar to manga ad anime. Noh’s characters are products of his own imagination and creativity, not through inspirations by other existing characters or icons. However, Noh also uses animals as a basis of his works. The animals are a reminder of the lost hopes and dreams that have been replaced with our worries and challenges, a recollection of our innocence and childhood play, an attempt to prompt creativity in his viewers. Noh goes through a thorough process of sculpting each of his characters, perfecting each carve, chisel, and curve, refining and polishing his sculpting. Each of his character is original and without any repetition.
His characters are photographed in vacation spots such as Japan and Bali, with each of them having their own narratives.

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