Dou Rong Jun 
Oil on Canvas
150 x 120 cm


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Chinese artist Dou Rong Jun builds his artistic style with monochromatic male portraits in deep reflection, painting feelings through his subject's body language, attitude, and the lines and expressions on their faces. He depicts stories with subtle, delicate brushstrokes and thin washes of paint dripping towards the subjects, conveying emotions with sensibility. His palette features somber and moody range of inky shades offset by dusty pastels highlighted by white negative space. His acrylic work is fluid, running like water colors and plunging the viewer in a blurry dream of deep reflections. Elaborate and refined, Dou Rong Jun's work mirrors his stories, covering themes such as contemplation, recollection, and reflection.
His subject’s hands are disproportionately large. This is because of the instrumental role hands play in all of man’s activities.

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