S.Dwi Stya Acong 
Human Scape #1
Oil on Canvas
120 x 120 cm


S. Dwi Stya Acong invites us through his paintings in a Surrealist world. The viewer is immersed in dreamscapes of light and colors where a man is seen with his back facing front. Is it the dreamer, creator of this unknown land coming straight out from his mind, or a representation of the viewer itself, lost in the artists' inception? In this intense composition, the unknown man repetitively haunting the landscapes challenges the elements. The prismatic shapes, always present like a leitmotiv, contrast with the concrete, palpable colors of the background. The presence of those two symbols suggests the confrontation of different worlds and of different realities: the familiar material realm and the other, multi-universe. Presenting his surrealist paintings, S. dwi Stya Acong reflects on the possibilities of alternative realities, presenting his parallel universe while opening the eyes of the viewer on his ability to choose a reality.
In his surrealistic paintings, he explores the tension between reality and dreams.

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