Jiang Miao 
女孩系列之37 lady series no 37
Edition 12 of 20
Original Print
90 x 90 cm

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Jiang Miao specialises in contemporary woodblock printing, and explores the experience of being female in a modern world through her captivating works. This work features two women, who face the viewer and convey an aura of solemnity in their expressions. This is reinforced by the monochromatic colour palette used by the artist, which is an attempt to filter and restore order amidst a complicated and colourful reality. The work is free from romanticisation of the female experience, and instead explores the theme with honesty and rawness. With a unique medium, the work is ever changing in nature based on the position of the viewer, creating a fascinating visual experience that is reflective of the changes in life.
She founded an arts management company called happiestdream with fellow Chinese artist Ren Sihong.

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