Jiang Miao 
Cracks of Time 时间的缝隙, 2012
Wood Block / Wood Cut
120 x 120 cm

USD 11,850.00

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Chinese artist Jiang Miao specializes in contemporary woodblock printmaking, and her works often explore her personal experiences as a female artist in Beijing. This piece features a monochromatic colour palette, an attempt by Jiang to filter and restore order amidst a complicated and colourful reality. A group of females are shown to be huddling together, with the two women in the foreground clasping their hands together. Gazing towards each other, they share a knowing glance and enigmatic smiles, acknowledging a shared secret that we the viewers are not privy to. Through her nuanced technique, Jiang is adept in observing and depicting the emotions and intelligence of her female peers who grew up alongside her in modern society
She founded an arts management company called happiestdream with fellow Chinese artist Ren Sihong.

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