Sony Irawan 
Acrylic on Canvas
145 x 145 cm

USD 2,150.00

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(A) Sony Irawan’s works are greatly influenced by his interest in rock music; reflecting the spirit and energy of this genre of music in his paintings. Irawan makes use of oil bars to draw his distinct lines due to the effect of roughness and boldness that it produces, being similar to the sound created by a guitar, the instrument he plays in his band. His paintings are full of random strokes, sketchy figures and cut out pieces, making his paintings seem as though many things are going on simultaneously, once again similar to how many instruments play together to create a harmony in a band. The subjects in his paintings are however inspired from his own personal life, family members and his surroundings. Irawan aims to capture the spirit of human survival in everyday life- the numerous interactions made on a daily basis, intertwined relationships and complexities of life.
A musician and one of the founders of experimental band Seek Six Sick, his art is greatly influenced by the spirit and energy of rock music.

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