Hong Zhu An 
Misty Dream, 2005
Ink and Color on Rice Paper
52.5 x 52 cm


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A dream with all its ambiguity includes clues that aid in its interpretation and help the space take form within the frames of our perception. While maintaining the abstraction that is typical to Hong Zhu An, "Misty Dream" is refreshing in its minimalistic approach that imbues the space with elements, signs and textures. The work features a muted colour palette that conveys a subtle sense of wistfulness and serenity. It is devoid of definite imagery except for two lines which stretch perpendicularly, generating movement and energy. The strong verticals they create convey an aura of stoicism and stability, yet their thin nature simultaneously reflects their delicacy and fragility, highlighting the nature of contradiction that Hong seeks to explore through this captivating and thought provoking work.
He merges Eastern tradition and Western techniques in his paintings, often putting together Chinese characters that have no specific meaning.

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