Du Xuan Doan
Du Xuan Doan was born in Hanoi in 1937 and began his painting career with a series of sketches after he graduated in 1961 from the prestigious Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1961 and was a student of Master Nguyen Gia Tri.

Xuan Doan followed the steps of the master Vietnamese artists and joined the army. His love for fine art still kept him painting, although he did not retain any works from this period. In 1985, Xuan Doan's living conditions improved and he started to paint again, deepening his passion for art. Xuan Doan travelled extensively in Vietnam to witness first-hand the beautiful landscapes and express that exhilaration in his paintings. Employing warm tones and unique compositions for his paintings, he combines lush expanses of greens, reds or violets dotted with subtle, graceful figures.

Xuan Doan continues to create beautiful pieces of art for himself, for the love of art and an insatiable lust for life, saying, "Painting is my greatest passion and my destiny is to live by the brush and to die by the brush".

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